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Till now users would only install backgrounds on their computer desktops. But Browser Backgrounds is the new Firefox extension that lets you install backgrounds directly on your browser. Think about having your favourite music band or NBA player backgrounds right on your browser window, without leaving the browser and stopping the web experience even for one second.

The higly efficient and easy to use extension lets you install infinite numbers of backgrounds and manage them. Installing backgrounds ranging from your favourite Football player to Hollywood stars is just a matter of seconds. You can even install your own photos on your browser. Your beautiful girlfriend or lovely mother will look amazing on your browser.

Install your Favourites

Install your favourite movie posters, celebirty and music band wallpapers on your browser in seconds and fancy up your screen without interfering your web experience.

Add your own Photos

You can add your camera photos or wallpapers that reside on your local computer to your browser easily. Enjoy the beauty of your girlfirend or boyfriend right inside your browser.

Manage your Wallpapers

Add as much wallpaper as you want on your browser. Classify them in collections, edit the details and manage them through the easy interface of the extension.

Install more optimised wallpapers

Do not have good wallpapers to install on your browser? Check the community site which gathers the best wallpapers that can be installed on your browser in a matter of seconds and with one click process.

Share the love

What about sharing the love? Send your wallpaper to the community site to let other Firefox users enjoy the beauty of your wallpaper. Check the ideas and wallpapers which other Firefox users already enjoying.

Install for Firefox

imageEasy to use, minimalistic and efficient. Just install the add-on, restart your browser and enjoy the new wallpapers.

Install for Flock

imageBrowser Backgrounds extension works on Flock, too. Just install it and start enjoying your wallpapers on Flock.
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