If you want to add your own images, such as your girlfriend's or boyfirend's photos to your browser as wallpaper, you can use below procedure to achieve this.

  1. Right click on the green cube icon that reside at browser statusbar and choose Browser Backgrounds menu option to open up Browser Backgrounds Window.

    Right click on the green cube icon to open up Browser Backgrounds window
  2. Buttons that are used to browse background collections are placed at the left column of the window. Click on the button that will retrieve the collection which you want to add your photo to. In this example we will add the photo inside Generic collection.

    Click on Generic button to fetch the related collection
  3. When the collection is fetched use Add button that reside at the top of the collection. After it is clicked, a file selection window will pop up and you will be able to choose the image file that you want to add to your browser.

    Click on Add button to open up file selection window
  4. Navigate to the directory that your image is in. Select the image by clicking on it and use Open button of the file selection window.

    Choose an image on your computer and press Open button
  5. Your image will be added to your the collection automatically and a new thumbnail will be created. You can view your photo by opening new tab.

    A new thumbnail is created after an image is added to collection
  6. If you need to position the background on your screen and please refer to How to Change Position of the Background tutorial.

    You can view your freshly added background by opening a new tab
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