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Joker Batman

Joker Batman

Nearly 70 years after "Batman" #1 first hit stands, there still is really only one name that perfectly fits the Dark Knight's greatest adversary, a villain alternately portrayed as a harmless prankster and a vicious sociopath, a man who's equal parts deranged, goofy, psychotic and comical: the Joker. In the last movie, Batman The Dark Knight, many people agree that Joker was more interesting than the Batman.

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  • batmanBy batman 3663 Days Ago
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    im batman
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    chia beautiful............nice bg
  • GonyaBy Gonya 2211 Days Ago
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    *BATMAN has always been a sad character. Heroic, epic, but plainly tragic and depressive. Yet, still fighting and sacrificing instances of a sane life to reach justice. This image brings forth those dark lines of thought. Ironically, it is a great image!!!
  • AouricBy Aouric 2192 Days Ago
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  • NamesSaviorBy NamesSavior 1858 Days Ago
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    Takes 1 To No 1

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