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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

An extremely talented vocalist who doesn't care what anyone thinks of her and oes what she wants. She is often criticized becuase she likes to expiriment with clothes, and sometimes she likes to expiriment with showing skin. She is not allowed to show any sexuality at all becuse she is a woman. Seen as the next Madonna, because she changes her image and style with every album. She has an AMAZING voice, one of the few singers today that actually sounds better live than on recordings.

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  • WSFlerBy WSFler 984 Days Ago
    -1 point    
    weltklasse,genial schön lg hansen
  • Anupamf22By Anupamf22 943 Days Ago
    -1 point    
  • ridin3hi8By ridin3hi8 793 Days Ago
    2 points    
    its way 2 small

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